Downloading Vs. Watching Movies at 123Movies

Whenever people are going to watch a movie, they have a lot of options to choose from depending on what method they want to use to be able to watch in the best way. Apparently, there are two most common method that you can do: downloading or watching them online. More information on 123movies on

Both of them are preferable but both has some benefits and repercussions that comes with them so let’s evaluate to be able to determine which is the best method for you to use.

Downloading Movies

  • Nonstop – Once you download a movie, you can scroll to whatever time you want and it won’t buffer since it already downloaded the whole content
  • Eats Up Space – since high quality movies takes even up to 1 GB, it can eat up a lot of your storage space, meaning that you can only save a limited number of movies at the same time and you might need to delete some of them sooner or later
  • Can Be Pirated – when you download movies using torrent links, it can be low quality and may include a virus since it came from a third party source.

Watching Online

  • Takes Time To Load – If the movie you are going to watch is high definition, it can take time to load, especially if your connection is not that good. You may also experience buffers and lags while watching if you didn’t allow it load in advance
  • Millions To Choose From – since your movie source is online, then you have no limitation in watching. You just have to search for the movie you want, and you can play it immediately as long as it is available on the website you got.

Free – just like in 123movies, if you want to watch something, you can choose anything you want because all of them are free and wouldn’t charge you with anything